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 Purisima Open Space Perserve

Weblink: Purisima

Location: Access to the Redwood Trail or Purisima Creek Trail: there is an 11-car parking area at the trailhead 6.5 miles south of Highway 92

Distance: Purisima TrailIf you follow the whole trail from end and back, it's roughly 3.5 miles. We usually walk a mile, cross a few bridges and play in the creek.  

Difficulty: Easy

We love this trail because it has all my favorite things, redwoods, water, ferns, and banana slugs! I could easily spend all day here.  

Marine Fitzgerald Reserve at Half Moon Bay

Weblink: Friends of Marine Fitzgerald Reserve

Location: 200 Nevada Avenue 

Distance: Observe the tide pools and take a mini hike above the reserve 

Difficulty: Easy 


Do you like tide pools and wind swept cypress?  Oh yeah and harbor seals?  Yes.  Check the tides before you go so you can be there during low tide to observe all the magical creatures.  

Mori Point 

Weblink: Mori Point

Location: Pacifica, Bradford Trail

Distance: 3 miles 

Difficulty: Easy 

There are 32 acres of wetlands and super cool coastal bluffs, in this park and all are easy to walk to with kids.  Park just off Broadway and take either the Old or Upper Mori Trail to the sea.  I do love the Bootleggers Steps because there's something charming about wooden steps placed firmly into the side of a sand hill.  Regardless, once you are on Mori Headlands Trail  the view will truly enchant (pretty much all the trails headed west take you there).  It's roughly .87 miles from parking to the ocean views. One things I particularly love about this site is that is all maintained and resorted by volunteers, regular ole' people, committed to preserving the land from development.  Thanks y'all. 


Weblink: Wunderlich

Location: 4040 Woodside

Distance: a wee bit complicated 

Difficulty: Easy, pretty flat 

While I love hiking in Wunderlich (we affectionally call it Wunderlichen good), the trails are a wee bit confusing. However, the cool of the redwoods and mixed forests of California coffeeberry, California hazelnut, California bay, coast live oak and Douglas fir.   If you enter from Woodside Road, we hike to Bear Gulch to the Madrone Trail and back (roughly two miles).  If want to do the loop, after the Salamander Flat, hit the Meadow Trail that will connect with the Loop and/or Alambique Trail to get you back to your parking spot.  You can also take the whole Alambique Trail  will take you past the largest known redwood in the park.  Whatever trail you take, have fun.

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