New York


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The best thing about New York is adults love to play where kids play. Here are a few of our favorite hangouts. 


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We eat early and often with the kids. There are a ton of options on every city block.  Check out some of our favorites.


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"Look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now!" -Hamilton


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Midtown is our favorite for central location and large hotel rooms. 

Some of us are more fired up for the recycling tour than others
Sisters explore.jpg I can't stop posting these- endless summer
We started two chants_ 'oooh, aaahhh', when we witnessed beauty. The other was 'we aren't having fun
My co-pilot
That about sums up the past two weeks
Flora is winning Independence Day!
The twins' special day.jpg They get to choose how they want to be showered with attention for their
He just licked the rock
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Teacher, traveler, mom of four, friend and Team Tvartin captain navigating this messy, joyful life. 


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