I google spreadsheet every day and dived every day into three sections-morning, afternoon and evening.  Each section has an activity block, food option and people as we often travel with friends and/or family.  

I prefer one activity block a day and activities are typically scheduled by proximity.  I also prefer packing sack lunches-hence the insulated lunch boxes that fit the kids' backpacks.  If I'm staying more than a week, I plan the weeks out in themed blocks or I'm all over the place in terms of deciding what to do.  

Here is a sample spreadsheet from our summers in San Francisco:  

Some of us are more fired up for the recycling tour than others
Sisters explore.jpg I can't stop posting these- endless summer
We started two chants_ 'oooh, aaahhh', when we witnessed beauty. The other was 'we aren't having fun
My co-pilot
That about sums up the past two weeks
Flora is winning Independence Day!
The twins' special day.jpg They get to choose how they want to be showered with attention for their
He just licked the rock
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