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Denver is the land of the breakfast enchilada, not the breakfast taco. I do not accept this. Therefore all my recommendations do not include green chile or enchiladas.  


Our absolute favorite place that is worth the drive to Stapleton is Four Friends. The best beignets ever. Yes. I said that. The ambience and kid set-up are better than the food, but it's a Tvartin-Munkle tradition to dine at Second Home for brunch.  They have a 'kids room' with sugary cereal (and candy toppings) manned by a babysitter and outfitted with pillows and cartoons.    


Steuben's! Steuben's! We love this place and they are very kid friendly. It's really good comfort food with heapings of yummy vegetables.  

Next-Door at Union Station is also a great place to eat and drink while your kids play in the splash pad in front of the outdoor dining section.  


Our favorite is probably Paxti's Pizza. mainly because you can get a dairy free deep crust pizza, well, that's brilliant, but honestly their crust is to die for no matter what is on/in it or if it is thin or deep.


We are also fans of North County, street tacos inspired by San Diego flavors.  While they don't have kid menu per say, our kids love the breakfast and pork taco options.  The wait staff is consistently friendly and the grapefruit margarita is divine.  

Another family tradition is Hacienda Colorado, off East Mexico Street, where they can accommodate large parties of twenty or more.  It's a classic Tex-Mex place and the service is pretty good.  




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